Integration [858] - Managing Storage CIs (SOM - UCMDB)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Managing Storage CIs (SOM - UCMDB) - Catalog Id: 858


This integration provides storage topology and mapping information to HPE Universal CMDB (UCMDB) from HPE Storage Operations Manager (SOM). SOM is the next generation storage resource management platform from HPE Software. SOM discovers and maps end-to-end storage data from arrays to host-file systems. SOM also provides performance and usage data for the storage devices and volumes.

The SOM Integration Adapter for HPE UCMDB populates storage configuration items (CIs) from SOM into UCMDB. With these CIs, IT operators and storage administrators can model change impact, track historical changes, and assure compliance of the storage infrastructure. The SOM Integration Adapter uses DDM to perform scheduled REST API calls to the SOM managament server to populate the CIs in the UCMDB data model. This approach provides instant tracking and reporting on SAN and NAS storage configuration changes. In addition, customers can perform compliance audits by creating "gold CIs" and can model proposed storage changes to visualize impacts prior to that change.

Integration involves a UCMDB-initiated discovery on the SOM management server. Synchronized CIs include storage arrays, storage volumes, storage controllers, fiber channel switches, storage fabrics, hosts (servers), logical volumes, host bus adapters, and all fiber channel ports. The integration also synchronizes physical relationships between various hardware and logical relationships between host logical volumes, storage fabrics, and storage devices to enable end-to-end mapping of the storage infrastructure in UCMDB.
The UCMDB discovery job in this package uses the ip_address property to identify the SOM management server for integration initiation. This job makes REST API calls to retrieve detailed information that populates the UCMDB and builds CIs and CI relationships. The job can also be scheduled to run at predetermined times.



Leading Product:
Storage Operations Manager

Secondary Product:
Universal CMDB


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Universal CMDB
Storage Operations Manager
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