Integration [454] - Automation Risk Visualizer (CM-OO)

  • KM01696889
  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Automation Risk Visualizer (CM-OO) - Catalog Id: 454


HP Universal CMDB Configuration Manager's Automation Risk Visualizer provides visibility into the potential risk of launching HP Operations Orchestration automation flows for incident/change/repetitive tasks and allows control for mitigation.

By providing understanding into the success rate of previous automation flows and visibility into potential collisions for a particular flow, UCMDB-CM's Automation Risk Visualizer feature helps ensure that OO flows will be successful. Automation Risk Visualizer provides insight into:
  • Whether a particular automation flow complies with organizational policies
  • Potential impact to the affected environment
  • Historical automation flow execution results
  • Potential collisions with other automation or planned activities


Leading Product:
UCMDB Configuration Manager

Secondary Product:
Operations Orchestration Platform



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Support Matrix

Operations Orchestration Platform
UCMDB Configuration Manager
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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