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Micro Focus Network Node Manager i Software - Micro Focus SiteScope Integration - Catalog Id: 483


You can use Micro Focus SiteScope as a data collector for Micro Focus Network Node Manager i Software (MF NNMi), which is an event console used for network monitoring. Micro Focus SiteScope monitors the application side of the systems that Micro Focus NNMi is monitoring, and uses SNMP Traps to forward event data from MF SiteScope monitors to MF NNMi. MF SiteScope can also report metrics data to MF NNMi.

The MF Network Node Manager i - MF SiteScope Event Collection and System Performance Monitoring integration provides alerts from SiteScope to NNMi when monitored thresholds are breached, as well as importing from SiteScope to NNMi key system performance metrics that can be used with the NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics for reporting. The integration also provides context-based cross-launch capability from NNMi to SiteScope.


With the Micro Focus NNMi-HPE SiteScope Events integration, SiteScope servers send SNMP traps to the NNMi management server when the configured SiteScope monitor alert conditions are met. Micro Focus NNMi converts the monitor alert traps into NNMi incidents. From these incidents, an NNMi console user can launch MF SiteScope in the context of that monitor.

By providing SiteScope incident configuration in MF NNMi, the MF NNMi - MF SiteScope Events integration simplifies the process of interpreting SNMP traps regarding status of devices and applications that SiteScope monitors. These traps are generated only for alerts configured in MF SiteScope. The integration makes these traps visible in the NNMi console as incidents. MF NNMi automatically closes these alert incidents if MF SiteScope indicates that the alert condition no longer exists (becomes normal).

The MF NNMi - MF SiteScope System Metrics integration populates the NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics Network Performance Server (NPS) with system metrics data collected by SiteScope monitors. The integration handles data as follows:
  1. SiteScope collects monitor data into XML files and passes the collected data to NNMi at the reporting interval of the SiteScope data integration preference.
  2. NNMi augments the SiteScope data with NNMi node UUIDs.
  3. NNMi places the augmented data in the configured location for NPS retrieval.
  4. NPS consumes the augmented data at the NPS accumulation interval. The MF NNMi-MF SiteScope System Metrics integration enables reporting of SiteScope-collected metrics in the NPS.


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