Integration [94] - Release Control to PPM integration (RC - PPM)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Release Control to PPM integration (RC - PPM) - Catalog Id: 94


Integrating PPM Center with Release Control enables you to link directly from a change request in PPM Center to associated impact analysis data in Release Control. Based on the information provided in Release Control, you can then decide whether to approve or reject the deployment of the change request.


Integrating PPM Center with Release Control using ALM software allows you to assist IT managers and the Change Advisory Board in providing the following benefits:
  • Assessing the business impact of changes that have been developed and tested, and deciding whether to approve the changes for deployment
  • Providing information about the components in the organization's IT environment that will be impacted by the developed changes
  • Proactively sending notifications of the business risk involved in each change
  • Identifying potential conflicts among concurrently scheduled changes
  • Improving visibility over the change deployment process
During the impact analysis phase of the Request for Change life cycle, if PPM Center is integrated with both Release Control and Universal CMDB, the Launch HPE Release Control button appears on the request. When launched, Release Control provides additional impact analysis that helps users assess and approve changes. For each change request, the ALM - Releases portlet provides a link to log in to Release Control, where various tabs contain information about it.



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Release Control

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Project and Portfolio Management Foundation



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