Integration [826] - OM to SAP Integration

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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OM to SAP Integration - Catalog Id: 826


HP Operations Smart Plug-in for SAP helps the user monitor health and performance of their SAP IT environment. It works in conjunction with HP Operations Manager to give the user visibility
over the SAP application services that support user's core business processes. HP Operations Smart Plug-in for SAP helps to keep business applications like mySAP and SAP NetWeaver  highly available, performing to expectations, and aligned with user's business priorities. 

HP Operations Smart Plug-in for SAP monitors key operational activities, proactively sends alarms about critical situations, and provides guidance for problem resolution. HP Operations Smart Plug-in for SAP also offers auto-discovery and visualization of the SAP service topology.

The HP Operations Smart Plug-In (SPI) for SAP is a software package linking SAP NetWeaver to HP Operations Manager ( HPOM ) . The union offers a complementary and consolidated view of SAP performance information and overall resource characteristics.

This integration allows the correlation of SAP performance data with the performance data of the operating system, the database, and the network-all from one common tool and in one central management system. Integrating SAP performance data with the HPOM environment helps you detect and eliminate bottlenecks in a distributed environment. In addition, the integration allows for system optimization and service-level monitoring. The SPI for SAP performs the following tasks in a distributed HPOM environment:

  • Collects real-time information about events and configuration-including useful on-line
    instructions for fast problem resolution
  • Monitors SAP nodes to detect potential problem areas and keep track of systems and events
  • Collects performance data to ensure system throughput and notifies you of any performance bottlenecks
  • Provides a direct, context-sensitive access to the SAP front-end
  • Complements and integrates with  the SAP Solution Manager monitoring and alerting and with  Computing Center Management System (CCMS) for customer who are not using SAP Solution Manager for monitoring.
  • Stores events and action records for all SAP managed nodes into a central repository
  • Runs routine SAP management tasks
  • Integrates SAP environments with the service map-the SPI for SAP includes a policy that automatically generates service views of the SAP systems installed on your managed nodes.

 The SPI for SAP components include tools and policies that allow you to configure and receive data in the form of service problem alerts, messages, and metric reports. The SPI for SAP service map alerts appear in the HPOM service map, while SPI for SAP messages and automatic action reports are available in the HPOM message browser.


Leading Product:
Operations Manager for UNIX

Secondary Product:
SAP Netweaver


Support Matrix

SAP Netweaver
Operations Manager for UNIX
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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