Integration [819] - CI Federation for ITSM (SM - UCMDB) (with UCMDB Generic Adapt.)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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CI Federation for ITSM (SM - UCMDB) (with UCMDB Generic Adapt.) - Catalog Id: 819


Service Manager Federated Query
UCMDB and its subscribing business applications--in this case, Service Manager--have the ability to query CI data from the UCMDB (plus federated data from the Asset Manager repository in this very important use case).
PI (or Portfolio Item) is a super class shared with Assets and managed by Asset Manager. The term PI is used here to represent an Asset or Portfolio Item that can be federated with a CI. This is important, because the managed state attribute for Assets (including computers/devices) is managed at the PI Class level. The extended data attributes for each PI<>CI relationship are pre-configured out-of-the-box, and can be tailored within UCMDB during implementation.
This integration utilizes a federation-type integration and UCMDB TQL scripting to access the AM repository using a specialized version of the GDB Adapter (AMDBAdapter) and replacement TQL views, provided with the SACM Solution, to support the documented PI -> CI federated queries.
This version of the integration aligns with Software Data Model v1.1.

The Asset CI federation for ITSM makes sure SM/UCMDB receives the on-time information from AM whether or not that information was replicated to SM/UCMDB from AM. The work flow is as follows (highlighted areas in bold show the steps in this integration):
  1. SM triggers the WebService query to UCMDB.
  2. UCMDB triggers the federated query to AM on demand from SM.
  3. UCMDB reconciles the federated CIs.
  4. UCMDB pushes the replicated CIs that are stored in UCMDB to SM.
What is retrieved from UCMDB to SM depends on the hostExtendedData TQL query.
All these CI types are populated or federated. The CI types which are populated and CI types which are federated are defined in AMAdapter.


Leading Product:
Service Manager

Secondary Product:
Universal CMDB


Support Matrix

Universal CMDB
Service Manager
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

For an older version of this integration, please see Integration ID #619

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