Integration [807] - AppPulse Active - OM Integration (AppPulse Active - OM for UNIX or Linux)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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AppPulse Active - OM Integration (AppPulse Active - OM for UNIX or Linux) - Catalog Id: 807


AppPulse Active now supports integration with HPE Operations Manager. This allows you to transform application or transaction based alerts in AppPulse Active into events that will be consumed in the OM Event Console.

This integration is performed from the HPE SaaS cloud to your on-premises network where OM is deployed.


AppPulse Active integration with Operations Manager can be performed using one of the following methods, depending on your security requirements:

  • Method 1: Forward Events Using an Event Channel in Direct Communication over SSL
    This option is the easiest to implement. You should evaluate this approach with your organization's security policy.
  • Method 2: Forward Events Using Standard Secured Reverse Proxy (SRP)
    This option uses industry standard SRP implementation to increase the security level of the solution/integration.
  • Method 3: Operation Agent based in RCP mode
    This option uses a Reverse Channel Proxy (RCP). It is the most secure, but is more difficult to implement.

These methods are available for both Windows and Linux Operations Manager installations.


Leading Product:
AppPulse Active

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Operations Manager for UNIX



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