Integration [804] - CSA Integration for Chef via OO

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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CSA Integration for Chef via OO - Catalog Id: 804


This integration is delivered as part of out-of-the-box support of HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) that provides integration to Chef to configure servers and applications in a cloud-based environment. Included in this integration is the ability to import Chef Cookbooks as components to be used in topology service designs. The import of components and workflow actions is only supported in the topology design experience.

CSA leverages Chef Cookbooks for installation of software on infrastructures provisioned by other providers such as VMWare, vCenter, or Amazon EC2. CSA's integration to Chef includes SSH connections to the Chef host to execute knife commands, which limit support of this integration to Linux deployments. 


Chef is free configuration management software that automates the tasks associated with setting up and configuring infrastructure and server platforms. Chef is based on a build, deploy, and manage model using cookbooks and recipes to automate infrastructure tasks. Chef management is facilitated by a chef client installed on each node and checks to ensure the node stays in compliance with defined policies in the recipe.



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Cloud Service Automation

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