Integration [797] - CSA integration Pack for Micro Focus Application Performance Management via OO

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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CSA integration Pack for Micro Focus Application Performance Management via OO - Catalog Id: 797


This integration is delivered as part of an HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) Content Pack and creates a hierarchy of Configuration Items (CIs) in HPE Application Performance Management for a simple compute server to mimic the service design components of CSA. It also enables Operations Agent (OA) based monitoring at an infrastructure level using the Operation Manager i(OMi) Monitoring Automation (MA) management templates. The monitoring is done at an infrastructure level for Linux with two choices: one using Essential System Management template for basic monitoring and the other using Extensive System Management for advanced monitoring.

Note: This integration is currently not supported for topology design due to lack of relevant CSA/CODAR topology content.

HPE Application Performance Management enables IT organizations to predict, prevent or resolve any IT issue. With HPE Application Performance Management, IT can reduce outages, improve quality of service, and reduce operating costs.

  • Gain 360 degree visibility into the health of the end-to-end business services.
  • Analyze, anticipate and remediate service health and reduce outages.
  • Manage the performance and availability of all types of applications and infrastructure elements in dynamic, hybrid environments

Monitoring Automation (MA) is designed from the ground up to simplify and automate monitoring configuration, while hiding irrelevant environment details. It uses one consistent method to configure your environment, independent of monitoring technologies used (for example, agent-based or agentless monitoring). MA's parameterization concepts enable self-service based easy tuning by SMEs.  Finally, built-in configuration reporting eases auditing, completely saving the time usually required to record configurations, and improves compliance, reducing risks by an order of magnitude compared to manual methods.



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