Integration [795] - Micro Focus Codar Integration for Amazon EC2 (CODAR - Amazon EC2)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Micro Focus Codar Integration for Amazon EC2 (CODAR - Amazon EC2) - Catalog Id: 795


This solution demonstrates an integration to HPE Codar with Amazon EC2. Two service designs are provided to provision a classic Amazon EC2 instance through HPE Operations Orchestration flows with an option to add an elastic load balancer and another design which provisions an Amazon EC2 instance in a specified VPC.


Codar facilitates continuous delivery in which every change to the software system is releasable and that every code change can be deployed to production. It enables automation of continuous delivery where every code change triggers a build, which is deployed to an environment based on policies and automatically tested as defined in a run book automation flow. Continuous delivery aims to deliver frequently and get fast feedback from users. Elements of the core value proposition include the following:

  • Declarative Based Modeling
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaaC)
  • Application Pipeline Management
  • Open and Extensible APIs

HPE Codar and HPE CSA have common code base (base platform) and Codar uses CSA Integration Packs for supporting the integrations.

CSA enables you to dynamically monitor and provision the server, storage and network elements as well as applications, to meet the needs of current and upcoming workloads. CSA integrates and leverages the strengths of a hybrid cloud environment, providing the ability to design and deploy enterprise-ready cloud services tailored to the business needs of your organization. CSA deploys the cloud service offering using a structured lifecycle with pre-defined integration mechanisms for invoking external processes.



Leading Product:

Secondary Product:
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud



See the Codar 1.x Documentation Library for the latest versions of all Codar documentation in the 1.x branch. (HP Passport is required.)

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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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