Integration [789] - Operations Manager i and APM integration

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Operations Manager i and APM integration - Catalog Id: 789


The integration between Application Performance Management (APM) and Operations Manager i (OMi) delivers:

  • Automatic event forwarding from APM to OMi
  • Automatic topology synchronization
  • Downtime synchronization from OMi to APM
  • Status forwarding from APM to OMi
  • User interface cross launches from OMi into APM to view data in context of an event or CI


Integrating APM with OMi enables you to do the following:

  • Design a dashboard in which you see OMi data and APM data displayed side by side. It is possible to drill into the APM data from this dashboard.
  • Apply automatically or manually the out-of-the-box topology synchronization between OMi and APM to ensure that essential application CIs created in APM are propagated to OMi. If no external configuration management database (CMDB) is used, OMi's RTSM will serve as the central topology repository.
  • Apply manually the topology synchronization between an external CMDB, OMi's (RTSM) and, as needed, into the (RTSM) of APM.
  • See some specific, detailed views. For example, OMi provides in-context drill-down launches into APM for specific subject matter experts.
  • Integrate user interface components from separately deployed APM systems directly into the OMi user interface workspaces. In this way, relevant information is shown directly within the OMi user interface although this data comes from the APM system.
  • Use OMi's embedded graphing component to show performance data stored within the profile database of the APM system. For detailed information around business transactions, business transaction flows or specific information about location-based monitoring within APM, it will be required to drill-down into the APM user interface. For this purpose OMi provides drill-down operations that allow to launch the APM user interface in the context of a specific CI or event.



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Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)

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Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
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