Integration [784] - BSM Connector for HPE Systems Insight Manager (for OMi 10+)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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BSM Connector for HPE Systems Insight Manager (for OMi 10+) - Catalog Id: 784


The Operations Connector for HPE Systems Insight Manager integrates event and topology  data from the HPE Systems Insight Manager (HPE SIM) server monitoring solution to an HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) solution.

The integration provides the following functionality:

  • Forwarding of HPE SIM events and topology to OMi
  • Customization of forwarded events and topology
  • Clearing of HPE SIM events from OMi, using the BackSync functionality of Operations Connector
  • Display of event details in the source manager (HPE SIM) launched from the OMi Event Browser


Event Collection
The  automatic event handling mechanism is used to collect events from the server. The SIM server runs a user-defined script for each new or cleared event:

Windows: hpbsmcollector.bat 


The hpbsmcollector.bat|sh script is a custom tool script that runs on the system. It is executed each time a new or cleared event is received by an event collection. Events collection functionality is built-in to OpsCx. An event collection is a set of events with a common event state, which is either new or cleared. The Operations Connector for HPE Systems Insight Manager integration uses two event collections: All Events and Cleared Events. The Cleared Events collection is created automatically using the siminstall.bat|sh script.

Topology Collection
The Topology collector script implements the collecting and processing of topology data collected from HPE SIM. The Topology collector collects data from the  web service interface using the HTTP/SOAP protocol.
Data collection is done by executing two SOAP calls. The first call is a basic logon call, which returns a logon token needed for the next SOAP call, named getNodeList.

Policies and Topology Rules Integration Overview
Policies define how values from the XML output files (sim_events.xml  and sim_topology.xml), generated by the integration, are mapped to values in OMi. These output files are processed by dedicated policies:

  • XML File for Event Integration (sim_events.xml)
    Event data is mapped to the OMi conform form using an XML policy Operations Connector for HPE SIM - Event Integration. The policy also sets the drilldown URL for each event.
  • Custom for Topology Integration (sim_topology.xml)
    The  policy Operations Connector for HPE SIM - Topology Integration is used for mapping acquired values to configuration items (CIs) in the RTSM, a Jython script uses five XML mapping rules files.

Topology objects are mapped to the RTSM using the local topology synchronization component provided by the Operations Connector.

Back Synchronization
If an  event is closed in OMi, the  server must be informed and should also clear this event. This is known as BackSync and uses two Perl scripts ( and to send an HTTP request to the connector, which clears the event on the  server using the  web service. If this succeeds, the event state is changed to cleared in OMi.





Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)

Secondary Product:
HPE System Insight Manager (HP SIM)



End-user documentation can be found on ITOM Marketplace:


Support Matrix

HPE System Insight Manager (HP SIM)
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
Comments: requires BSM Connector 10.0 or higher
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

For an older version of this integration, please see Integration ID #744

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