Integration [764] - Micro Focus Propel Request to Fulfill Adaptor for CSA

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Micro Focus Propel Request to Fulfill Adaptor for CSA - Catalog Id: 764


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HPE Propel is the single user experience for end users to easily request services and browse organizational content in traditional and/or cloud environments. To orchestrate this, the Propel solution utilizes the Propel Service Exchange (SX) engine to aggregate content from various service providers and integrate the content through a singular consumption experience.

The integration described here is an SX content pack consisting of HPE Operations Orchestration (OO) flows and an adapter to enable HPE Cloud Service Automation ( CSA) Request to Fulfill (R2F) use cases.

The OO flows allow for coordinated management of the tasks necessary to manage the R2F use case. The API and Data Transformation parts of the content pack manage interfacing to the underlying HP CSA system.

Propel has a Portal that end users navigate while shopping for services. For example, a virtual machine, a headset, a laptop -- whatever has been aggregated into Propel from supported external systems. Some of these catalog items come from CSA. When a user purchases an CSA catalog item, the work necessary to fullfill this request is accomplished by this SX / CSA integration.

The Service Exchange is notified of the request to purchase the HP CSA item (via REST). The OO flow for CSA fulfillment is triggered. A "createOrder" message is injected into the SX message bus and the underlying HP CSA adapter invokes the necessary CSA APIs to fulfill the order.

This communication channel is carried out in reverse (from adapter > bus > OO > Portal) to notify the end user that the requested item is available. 




The HPE Propel Portal provides a single "front door to IT" where multiple services are available. In particular, the R2F use cases described in this integration provide a consistent, modern and mobile friendly (responsive) design for services available from different fulfilment engines (CSA, in this case).

End users no longer need concern themselves with signing-in to the correct shopping portal to order particular types of services. Using Propel, they can fulfill requests to HP Service Manager (SM) or CSA in a consistent manner.

Propel Administrators can configure organizations and catalogs to separate catalog offerings into groups, which can be exposed to different end users based on an authentication system such as LDAP or Active Directory.





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