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Business Process Change Analyzer (ALM/EI - SAP) - Catalog Id: 762


BPCA is an application within SAP Solution Manager that helps users perform change impact
analysis and risk based test planning. The integration with HP ALM and SAP Solution Manager allows users to create and modify a test set that is based on a changed test object in BPCA.


SAP-centric solutions are changed though SAP or customer-triggered change events that require customers to test their business processes throughly. The identification of the test scope is a crucial activity that determines the time and effort needed to perform the test. Since changes to SAP-centric solutions consitute the main cause of various testing activities, it is important to differentiate between the types of SAP solution changes.

SAP recommended approach for test management is to:

  1. Do an inital risk assesment on the effects the change has on critical business processes.
  2. Based on the impact analysis results, plan for testing only those business processes which are affected by the change,
  3. Execute the test cases for the affected business processes either manually or using the automated test scripts.

Business Process Chnage Analyzer (BPCA) identifies core business processes that are affected by a change. BPCA does this by comparing the Technical Bill of Material (TBOM), which lists the SAP objects that are used when business processes are executed, with the detailed information about the objects affected by a change event. 

HP ALM is used to create and mainatin the tests, and based on BPCA analysis results it identifies the affected tests. Then HP ALM creates a test set containing all of the affected tests. HP ALM also assists BPCA to optimize the test scope.



Leading Product:
Application Lifecycle Management

Secondary Product:
SAP Solution Manager



For more details, refer to the HP Enterprise Integration Module documentation at  in the HP ALM Help Center.

Customers can access all documentation and download HP Enterprise Integration Module documentation from here if they have valid ALM/Quality Center SAID.


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SAP Solution Manager
Application Lifecycle Management
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