Integration [756] - vPV - OM integration

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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vPV - OM integration - Catalog Id: 756


Integration with other HP Products
You can integrate HP vPV with other HP products such as HP Operations Manager (HPOM).
With the help of integration, you can view the alert messages on HPOM console.
For more information on Integrations, see Integrating HP vPV with Other HP Products in HP Virtualization Performance Viewer Online Help.


HP vPV integration with HPOM helps you to monitor the abnormalities available in the virtual infrastructure from an HP Operations Manager (HPOM) console. You may monitor the performance, capacity, utilization and resource consumption of the host machines and virtual machines from the HP vPV console. HP vPV forwards the alerts to HPOM console. You can view the smart alerts on the HP vPV console and HPOM console.

Additional benefits for integrating with HPOM:

  • Easy discovery and monitoring of VMware data center topology
  • Quick view of the smart alerts on HPOM console




Leading Product:
Cloud Optimizer (vPV)

Secondary Product:
Operations Manager for UNIX



For more information, see  Integrating HP vPV with Other HP Products and Monitoring Alerts on the HPOM console topics in HP Virtualization Performance Viewer Online Help. 

HP vPV 2.00 documentation is available on HP Software Product Manuals.


Support Matrix

Operations Manager for UNIX
Cloud Optimizer (vPV)
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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