Integration [747] - CSA Integration Pack For VMware vCenter Operations Manager via OO

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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CSA Integration Pack For VMware vCenter Operations Manager via OO - Catalog Id: 747


This integration is delivered as part of an HPE Cloud Service Automation (HPE CSA) Capsule and uses VMware vCenter Server, formerly VMware VirtualCenter, as a provider for CSA to deploy VMs using templates. This integration also configures static IP address to the network interface for the VM.

VMware vCenter Server provides centralized management of virtualized hosts and virtual machines from a single console. VMware vCenter Server gives administrators deep visibility into the configuration of all the critical components of a virtual infrastructure from a single point.

With VMware vCenter Server, virtual environments are easier to manage: a single administrator can manage hundreds of workloads, more than doubling typical productivity in managing physical infrastructure.


The following enhancements have been made to the CSA out-of-the-box vCenter Simple Compute service design:

  • OS-specific references have been removed from the service design, resource offerings, and HPE Operations Orchestration flows.
  • Supports VM creation in an existing folder in VMware vCenter.
  • CPU and memory flexing operations have been moved to server component instead of a group.
  • Supports STATIC IP configuration, which allows it to be integrated with IPAM solutions.
  • Validates some of the input properties before starting the deployment. This helps detect issues before deployment starts.




Leading Product:
Cloud Service Automation

Secondary Product:
VMware vCenter Operations Manager



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VMware vCenter Operations Manager
Cloud Service Automation
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