Integration [745] - CSA Integration Pack for Micro Focus Server Automation via OO

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CSA Integration Pack for Micro Focus Server Automation via OO - Catalog Id: 745


Integration to HPE Server Automation (SA) is delivered as part of HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) content packs and demonstrates how to automate operating system installation, and how to manage Microsoft® Windows® server patch compliance and audit compliance using HPE Server Automation patch policies. The content packs includes the step-by-step instructions, templates, and scripts necessary for the IT specialist to deliver a service that can be consumed by end-users.

This implementation can be leveraged to deploy operating systems on VMs that are created using other infrastructure providers. The following use cases can be considered:

  • Using vCenter to create a VM.
  • Using HPE Server Automation as a service provider to deploy an operating system on the VM.
  • Using the operating system (OS) to implement HPE Server Automation build plans or OS sequences


HPE Server Automation provides patching and remediation for Windows servers allowing you to scan the server for patch compliance and apply the attached patch policies if the managed server is non-compliant. Patching and remediation of the managed server involves the following steps:

  1. Attaching a patch policy to a managed server associates that policy with the server.
  2. Scanning the managed server returns the state of the machine: compliant or non-complaint.
  3. If the server is not compliant, remediation applies the patch in the policy to the managed server.

The goals of this solution are to deploy a patch policy compliant Windows compute server as a service using CSA and to provide user actions to scan and remediate if the server goes out of compliance. VMware vCenter is used as the compute provider. Patches are installed on the Windows servers using patch policies defined in HPE Server Automation and remediating the servers managed in HPE Server Automation against the policies to get them in the compliant state.




Leading Product:
Cloud Service Automation

Secondary Product:
Server Automation



See the CSA 4.x Documentation Library for the latest versions of all CSA documentation in the 4.x branch. (HP Passport is required.)

See the HPE Server Automation 10.5 Documentation Library for the latest versions of the SA 10.5 documentation.

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Server Automation
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