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  • 11-Jun-2018
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BSM Connector for Nagios - Catalog Id: 742

Important: For the newest version of this integration, please see Integration ID #783


The BSM Connector for Nagios provides event integration from your Nagios environment to Micro Focus Business Service Management (BSM). The BSM Connector for Nagios provides you with out-of-the-box templates, examples, and the core interface code that will significantly accelerate your BSM integration projects with Nagios.


The Micro Focus Business Service Management Connector for Nagios enables you to establish a link between Nagios and Micro Focus BSM Operations Management.

The BSM Connector for Nagios is an add-on for the Micro Focus BSM Integration Adapter, which enhances the BSM Integration Adapter to provide the following Nagios specific functionality:
  • Topology Synchronization: A topology connector extracts topology data from Nagios in a format that the BSM Integration Adapter can then forward to the BSM server. A discovery policy starts the topology synchronization according to a schedule, which you can modify to suit your needs.
  • Event and Metric Forwarding: Nagios provides an interface to fetch internal data like status changes and performance data from external libraries. These libraries are called Nagios Event Broker (NEB) modules and can register callback functions for various events within Nagios (an event in this context is a state within the Nagios monitoring process, like HOST_CHECK_COMPLETE, etc.). With the use of a Nagios Event Broker (NEB) module we can hook into the Nagios monitoring process and extract data directly after host or service check was performed.
  • Remotability: The integration consists of a lightweight client which can be installed on the Nagios systen and send the information to a remote BSM Connector installation.
  • Icinga Support: BSMC for Nagios 2.0 is also able to integrate Icinga 1.8.x and 1.9.x.
These topology synchronization, event and metric forwarding capabilities enable you to consolidate management data from Nagios or Icinga into a Micro Focus BSM Operations Management solution.


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Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)

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Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
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For an older version of this integration, please see Integration ID #668

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