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  • 11-Jun-2018
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OO Content for HPE Onboard Administrator - Catalog Id: 722


With the HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator integration, administrators can create Operations Orchestration (OO) flows that are integrated with Onboard Administrator (OA).

Operations Orchestration provides a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box operations and flows for User, Network, Server, Power, Rack and Enclosures management and configuration.



Onboard Administrator Use Cases
The following are the major use cases for the Onboard Administrator integration, and the operations and flows that you can use to implement them.

  1. Power Management:
  • Get Power
  • Get Power Cap
  • Get Power Cap Excluded Bays
  • Get Power Summary
  • Get Power Supply
  • Set PDU Type
  • Set Power Cap
  • Set Power Cap Bays to Exclude
  • Set Power Limit
  • Set Power Mode
  • Set Power Savings
  1. Rack and Enclosure Management:
  • Get Enclosure Info
  • Get Enclosure Status
  • Get Enclosure Temp
  • Get FRU
  • Get Rack Name
  • Get Topology
  • Set Asset Tag
  • Set Enclosure Name
  • Set Enclosure UID LED
  • Set Part Number
  • Set Rack Name
  • Set Serial Number
  1. User Account Management:
  • Add User
  • Delete User
  • Get Password Settings
  • Get Session Timeout
  • Get User
  • Get Users
  • Modify User
  • Set Password Settings
  • Set Session Timeout



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Operations Orchestration Content

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Onboard Administrator


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