Integration [718] - Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback for Micro Focus Matrix Operating Environment (AM <- MOE)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Asset Manager CloudSystem Chargeback for Micro Focus Matrix Operating Environment (AM <- MOE) - Catalog Id: 718


HP AM CloudSystem Chargeback (CSC) is intended to utilize the capabilities of HP Asset Manager financial management to serve as a consolidated place to manage the Cloud service billing, budget management, and provisioned IT resources. It provides the visibility to the IT management level users to manage and control the cost to deliver the service with the resource information in HP Matrix products such as MOE. Most important, with the exposure of usage and billing information through MOE, CSC plays the role of the IT Cost engine providing Chargeback reporting and tailor-able billing statement capabilities.

CSC is an important part of the supporting infrastructure and best practices that should be in place to support IT's transformation into a Provider of Services in the Hybrid Cloud. CSC focuses on the Cloud billing foundation as a reliable "source of truth," supporting chargeback for cost and budget management and finally on infrastructure assets and the services portfolio to increase data accuracy, integrity, with increased customer time to value.


CSC provides a method of accounting for technology-related expenses that applies the costs of services, hardware and software to the business unit in which they are used. Cloud chargebacks are sometimes called "responsibility accounting" because this sort of accounting demonstrates which departments or individuals are responsible for significant expenses.

CSC reporting systems that leverage chargeback provide end users with more transparency into which business decisions are creating expenses and help management identify how to achieve greater efficiency.

CSC shares the same code base and leverages the existing capabilities of HP Asset Manager-with its decades of experience providing financial and cost management, infrastructure services management, Software Asset Management (SAM)-offering a completed infrastructure asset management solution specifically catering to the converged infrastructure strategy.



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Asset Manager

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Infrastructure Orchestration


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Infrastructure Orchestration
Asset Manager
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