Integration [716] - CI Synchronization (APM - UCMDB)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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CI Synchronization (APM - UCMDB) - Catalog Id: 716


The integration between APM and Universal CMDB (UCMDB) enables you to share
information from UCDMB with APM.
You can use the integration to automate the creation and update of requests in APM, freeing
you from repetitive and manual input of information in APM. This also ensures that APM is
kept up to date with real, accurate, discovered data in your environment.

The following table provides an overview of the APM integration with UCMDB:

Integration direction  From UCMDB to APM
Integration technology  Push adapter 
Pushed data CIs created in UCMDB are pushed to APM to create requests in APM
HP Universal CMDB adapter HP APM Push Adapter (APMPushAdapter)


How Data is Synchronized Between APM and UCMDB
When referring to the concept of data information, it is important to distinguish between a UCMDB
CI (Configuration Item) and an APM entity. Both are defined in a different Data Model, and
there must be a conversion before transferring CIs in UCMDB to Applications in APM.

The following graphic shows the high-level components of the integration:



UCMDB stores its information using CIs. The integration chooses which data to pull from UCMDB
by defining integration TQL queries. Each TQL query defines a superset of data relevant for the

The UCMDB Push Engine:

  • Retrieves the required data from the UCMDB, using the given TQL query.
  • Filters the data to include only the data that has changed since the last execution of this synchronization.
  • Splits the data into multiple chunks without breaking consistency.
  • Sends the information to the Probe/Adapter.

The Push Adapter is a generic framework for easily configuring push adapters, using only XML and
Groovy. It allows easy mapping of the data from the UCMDB data model into the HP APM data
model, and the transfer of this converted data into the HP APM database through REST APIs
called from HP APM.



Leading Product:
Application Portfolio Management

Secondary Product:
Universal CMDB



Documentation for this integration can be found using the following links:

Additional documentation for HPE Software, as well as this integration, can be found using the following link:
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