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Service App catalog - (Micro Focus Anywhere - Micro Focus Web Services) - Catalog Id: 709


Catalog Client

The catalog client UI is integrated into the HP Anywhere client to allow end users to manage the mobile apps on their devices. When the catalog client is launched from HP Anywhere, the login credentials from the HP Anywhere client are handed to the catalog service to provide single sign-on for a smooth transition.

Via the catalog client, end users can browse all of the different mobile apps that are available for them on their devices based on the settings the administrator has configured for each user via user groups in the catalog service. Users can select different HP Anywhere and native platform mobile apps, and then download and install them on their local devices. They can also use this interface to remove previously installed apps. Users can rate the apps to provide feedback to app owners and developers, enabling them to get gain a better understanding of customer (employee) acceptance.

Catalog Service

The catalog service is the backend system for providing access to end users wanting to install mobile apps. Administrators manage the catalog service via the Enterprise Portal user interface. They can add new applications and new application versions and then assign these applications to specific user groups, making them available to employees in these groups.

When the catalog service is run as part of an HP Anywhere deployment, certain information must be exchanged between the service and the HP Anywhere server to synchronize the overall installation. The HP Anywhere server provides information related to users and user groups. This, in turn, is used by the catalog service to fulfill application installation requests by end users via the catalog client. In return, the catalog service provides the HP Anywhere server with information about the apps that an individual can access, as well as the apps that are installed on an individual's device.



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HPE Web Services Application Catalog Client



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