Integration [689] - HPE TeMIP-Service Manager OSSJ Trouble Ticket Liaison

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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HPE TeMIP-Service Manager OSSJ Trouble Ticket Liaison - Catalog Id: 689


The HPE TeMIP-Service Manager OSS/J Trouble Ticket Liaison provides an end-to-end integrated service management solution in the trouble ticket domain.  The solution integrates TeMIP with Service Manager by using two off-the-shelf HPE OSS/J adapter products.

  • The HP OSS/J Trouble Ticket Server Adapter for Service Manager
  • The HP OSS/J Trouble Ticket Client Adapter for TeMIP

The liaison supports the EJB OSS/J integration.



The TeMIP-SM OSS/J Trouble Ticket Liaison implements the OSS/J JSR91 specification to enable HPE SM as a trouble-ticket server and TeMIP as a trouble-ticket client.  The functionality implemented by the liaison is described below. In addition, the liaison supports standard administrative interfaces to allow the system administrator to start, stop, monitor and otherwise administer the adapter.

OSS/J trouble-ticket functions

One or more alarm objects in TeMIP can be associated with one or more trouble tickets through a case object, while trouble tickets can be mapped into incidents in HPE SM. The TeMIP-SM OSS/J Liaison manages these relationships, using the OSS/J JSR91 specification to communicate with the two applications. As a result, the liaison allows TeMIP to initiate the following requests

  • Create a new incident, associating one or more alarm objects with it. Based on powerful mapping rules, information from the alarms on TeMIP is automatically populated into Trouble Ticket and from the Trouble Ticket into the incident on HPE SM.
  • Associate additional alarm objects with an existing incident.
  • Disassociate one or more alarms from one or more incidents.
  • Display any incidents related to the selected alarm. Related incidents are those open against the same managed object.
  • Display all incidents associated with a selected alarm object.
    • Request that an incident be closed or canceled.

These actions can be performed by an operator using the supplied TeMIP GUI or by another TeMIP module, such as TeMIP Expert, using TeMIP directives. Similarly, the HPE SM client GUI can operate on these incidents and display related alarms for each incident.

In addition to the above actions initiated by the operator or a TeMIP directive, the liaison can

  • Automatically update the incident when the state of alarm objects changes.
    • Automatically close the alarm object when the incident has been closed.

The TeMIP-SM OSS/J Liaison includes the TeMIP JSR91 FM, through which the liaison maintains the association between alarm objects and cases (incidents). Supporting a many-to-many relationship between alarms and incidents, the FM ensures that

  • Alarm objects that have been associated with a case are set to be "handled_by" the case
  • Alarm state change is automatically propagated to the related alarm list in HPE SM
  • Closing an incident will close the case on the alarm object
    • Canceling an incident will release the case on the alarm object



Leading Product:
Service Manager

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 Not available at this time.


Support Matrix

Service Manager
Comments: SM OS: Itanium 11.31, Windows XP, Sun Solaris 10 /TeMIP OS: RedHat RHEL AP 5 Update 2 RHEL 5.3 RHEL 5.4 SM 9.5x and above OS: Windows , Linux
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