Integration [676] - Asset Manager Provides Cloud Billing Management to Cloud Service Automation (AM <- CSA)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Asset Manager Provides Cloud Billing Management to Cloud Service Automation (AM <- CSA) - Catalog Id: 676


This integration is intended to utilize the capabilities of Micro Focus Asset Manager (AM) to serve as a consolidated place to manage the cloud service contracts and provisioned IT resources. This integration provides IT management-level users the visibility to manage and control the cost of delivering services with the resource information in Micro Focus Cloud Service Automation (CSA). Most important, with the exposure to usage and billing information through CSA, AM plays the IT COST engine role, giving the capabilities of Showback/Chargeback reporting and customizable billing statements provided by AM.

From the IT billing perspective, Chargeback data is used to support internal or external billing functions. Elements of the data may include infrastructure, application licensing, and network costs. Showback information allows an IT department to provide a similar level of analysis--without the actually cross-charging costs.

CSA version 3.0 and later versions enable the end user (or consumer) to view a set of predefined applicable cloud services, request and approve subscriptions for services, and view details of subscription and deployed services.

A CSA administrator can design infrastructure for new cloud services, then publish them to different organizations.

The integration can sync subscription and deployed services for the end user.

The scope of this integration includes:

  • AM captures CSA catalogs of services.
  • AM captures CSA service subscription CRUD information.
  • AM captures a provisioned service instance as a deployed configuration item (CI).
  • AM provides chargeback calculations allocated to subscribed parties for any active subscriptions.
  • Reports on bills for any services are provided.
  • CSA business dashboard is available.



Leading Product:
Asset Manager

Secondary Product:
Cloud Service Automation



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