Integration [663] - ALM Integration with Service Test for API Testing (ALM - ST)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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ALM Integration with Service Test for API Testing (ALM - ST) - Catalog Id: 663


  • Managing Service Test (ST) tests and resources in ALM:
    • Creating and storing tests
    • Executing tests and viewing their execution history
    • Working with ALM version control
    • Managing multiple configurations of ST tests and data in ALM
    • Storing test resources that can be used by multiple tests
  • When Business Process Testing is enabled in ALM:
    • Create and maintain API Business Components in ST
    • Run API Business Components in ST
  • When Service Test Manager (STM) is enabled in ALM:
    • You can import services into ST tests from ALM, and ST will update ALM about the utilization of the services' operations.
    • You can automatically generate ST tests and requirements from a service, allowing you to view the service's coverage.
    • ST tests stored in ALM can be scanned to find services. Any services that are found can be imported into ALM.
  • New for UFT/ST 11.52:
    • Lab Management enables you to designate a machine's purpose as Service Test. Using Server-Side Execution, you can instruct ALM to use that machine for executing API  tests, or have ALM automatically assign it.

  • You enable the integration between ALM and ST by installing ST and the ALM client on the same machine.
  • Tests are typically created in ST, and they are saved and managed in ALM.
  • Version control is enabled for each project in ALM's Site Admin.
  • When the HP ALM Lab Service add-in is installed, ALM's Lab Management can execute tests on the UFT machine using Server-Side Execution.


Leading Product:
Application Lifecycle Management

Secondary Product:
Service Test



Documentation for this integration can be found using the following link:

Support Matrix

Service Test
Application Lifecycle Management
Comments: ALM 11.50 requires ST 11.2 patch6. ALM 11.51 Integration Enablement Pack requires ST 11.2 patch8. ALM 11.52 requires ST 11.2 patch9.
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