Integration [661] - ALM Integration with Micro Focus Sprinter (ALM - SPRINTER)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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ALM Integration with Micro Focus Sprinter (ALM - SPRINTER) - Catalog Id: 661



The ALM Sprinter integration allow the maintaining and storing of Sprinter tests in ALM, the submission of defects, and the running of business process tests stroed in ALM, from the Sprinter interface.

  • Support for different ALM client capabilities from HP Sprinter
    • Defects that are opened with HP Sprinter in ALM will function according to defect workflow that is defined in ALM.
    • Any user-defined fields (UDFs) or mandatory fields that are defined in ALM will appear with the same properties in Sprinter.
    • Any permission that is defined in ALM will be enforced from the Sprinter client.
    • Any attachment that is available in ALM for manual tests is also available from Sprinter. 
  • When Business Process Testing is enabled in ALM
    • Create and maintain manual business components in Sprinter
    • View and update any Business Component field, including UDFs that are defined in ALM or mandatory fields from Sprinter
    • Run business process tests or flows manually in Sprinter
  • Managing manual tests and resources in ALM
    • Creating and storing tests
    • Editing manual tests that were created in ALM in Sprinter and vice versa
    • Executing tests and viewing their execution history
    • Working with ALM Version Control
    • Managing multiple configurations of manual tests and data in ALM
    • Storing test resources which can be used by multiple tests


Leading Product:
Application Lifecycle Management

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Support Matrix

Application Lifecycle Management
Comments: Minimal ALM 11.00 SP3 is required
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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