Integration [660] - ALM Integration with Business Process Testing (ALM - BPT)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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ALM Integration with Business Process Testing (ALM - BPT) - Catalog Id: 660


Business Process Testing is an integral part of ALM, and is available as an additional module in ALM called the Business Components module. Business Process Testing functionality is also available in other modules, such as the Test Plan and Test Lab modules.

This integration facilitates the management of business components, business process tests, flows, and business process testing resources in ALM. This includes:

  • Creating and storing business process tests, flows, and business components in ALM.
  • Executing business process tests/flows, debugging them, and viewing their execution history.
  • Working with ALM Version Control for business process tests, flows, and business components.
  • Managing multiple configurations of business process tests and flows, and their data, in ALM.
  • Storing test resources that can be used by multiple business process tests and flows.
  • ALM libraries and baselines are supported for Business Process Testing entities.
  • New in BPT 11.52: Lab Management allows you to designate a machine's purpose as Business Process Testing. Using Server-Side Execution, you can instruct ALM to use that machine for executing business process tests or flows, or have ALM automatically assign a machine.


Additional Information
  • The integration between ALM and BPT is enabled by enabling BPT license in ALM client.
  • To allow editing Business Components of type GUI Keyword, install QTP/UFT for Business Process Testing Add-in.
  • Business components are created in the ALM client, Sprinter, UFT, QTP or ST, and they are saved and managed in ALM.
  • Tests are created in ALM, where they are saved and managed.
  • Version Control is enabled for each project in ALM's Site Administration site.
  • New in BPT 11.52: When the HP ALM Lab Service add-in is installed, ALM's Lab Management can execute automated tests on the UFT machine using Server-Side Execution.
  • New in BPT 12.20: Improvements made to run conditions. Automatic parameter promotion and automatic parameter deletion are now available.
  • New in BPT 12.50: Steps can be recorded into a test. Also, BPT for Packaged Apps is supported.
  • New in BPT 12.53: You can generate test combinations for test configurations. Also, BPT is now integrated with LeanFT.



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Application Lifecycle Management

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Business Process Testing



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Business Process Testing
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