Integration [653] - OO Content for Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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OO Content for Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management - Catalog Id: 653


This integration enables administrators to create Operations Orchestration (OO) flows that are integrated with ALM. To learn how to create OO flows, see "Studio Authoring Guide" in the documentation set for the current OO release.

The ALM integration uses the ALM REST API to integrate with OO. The API is accessed through the OO HTTP Client operations, by executing HTTP GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods according to the specifications in the HP ALM REST API Reference document.



Application Lifecycle Management is a highly configurable product, that can be customized to meet specific usability needs. Due to this, the OO-ALM Integration consists of a series of flows that are also adaptable, to address the specific configuration of your ALM project. The out-of-the-box flows can further be authored by this integration's users, by adding additional inputs and extending the collection of fields with those that are needed in a specific environment.

The integration enables performing various operations on ALM entities. Examples of entities are a defect, a test run, a test instance, a folder, a requirement and so on. Each entity is represented in ALM as an XML string, that is compliant with the entity schema described in the ALM documentation.



Leading Product:
Operations Orchestration Content

Secondary Product:
Application Lifecycle Management


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Application Lifecycle Management
Operations Orchestration Content
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