Integration [650] - Reporting interface for Real User Monitor (RUM)

  • KM01695282
  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Reporting interface for Real User Monitor (RUM) - Catalog Id: 650


Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) is a cross-BSM domain reporting solution.

Through this integration, OBR collects the metrics stored in APM profileDB (RUM) and dimensions stored in managementDB for reporting and analytics.


You can use the ManagementDB / ProfileDB page to create and configure a management database source connection and multiple Profile database connections to collect performance-related data of your enterprise for various HP BSM applications such as Real User Monitor. You can schedule HPE Operations Bridge Reporter to collect data from the data repositories at specific intervals. In addition, you can view the status of the connection and data collection.



Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Reporter (prev. SHR)

Secondary Product:
Real User Monitor



Support Matrix

Real User Monitor
Operations Bridge Reporter (prev. SHR)
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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