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  • 11-Jun-2018
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View Project Quality (PPM - ALM) - Catalog Id: 633


The View Project Quality integration solution integrates PPM Center with the Releases module of the HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product. The integration allows project management officers, project managers, development managers, and QA managers to have visibility into quality KPIs and ALM scorecards from PPM Center projects, and allows them to optimize the management of project quality.

The integration between PPM Center tasks and HPE ALM Releases implemented is an extension of the capability of the View Project Quality integration solution (integration between PPM Center projects and HPE ALM releases). The integration extension enables project managers to manage multiple HPE ALM releases with one PPM Center project by integrating project tasks with HPE ALM releases.

VPQ 2.0 added the support for customization of the quality statistics.


The View Project Quality integration solution uses the technology and features of Application Lifecycle Management to optimize the management of project quality by introducing quality KPIs and scorecard for principal project activities.

The main functionality includes: 

Management of both projects and ALM releases

  • Introducing and enforcing consistent workflows for all major application delivery processes
  • Initiating and managing application and testing projects 

Offering visibility into project and test status

  • Visibility of Quality KPIs from PPM Project, including requirement coverage, test execution status and so on
  • Visibility of ALM Scorecard from PPM Project

Easy Configurations

No additional installation



Leading Product:
Project and Portfolio Management Foundation

Secondary Product:
Application Lifecycle Management



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Application Lifecycle Management
Project and Portfolio Management Foundation
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