Integration [628] - View SiteScope Monitor Alerts and Events in OM (OMU - SiS)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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View SiteScope Monitor Alerts and Events in OM (OMU - SiS) - Catalog Id: 628


This integration enables HPE SiteScope monitor events to be viewed and SiteScope monitors to be configured from within HP Operations Manager (OM).
SiteScope events are triggered upon:
  • SiteScope metric status (good/warning/error) change
  • SiteScope alert triggering
The integration includes the host discovery policy by which the remote nodes monitored by SiteScope are reported to OM.
The integration also includes the monitor discovery policies by which SiteScope groups and monitors structure is reported to OM Service Navigator view.
Starting from SiteScope 11.0, this integration replaces the SiteScope Adapter introduced in OM to support previous SiteScope versions.

HP Operations Manager (OM) SiteScope Administration (SA) integration adds the following application to OM:
  • HPE System Availability Management (SAM Admin)
The integration adds a SAM Admin application to OM that enables you to configure and manage multiple SiteScope instances using SAM Admin from within OM. A SAM Admin window opens when you start the SAM Admin application. This window shows a summary of all SiteScope servers accessible to the OM system and enables the management of SiteScope configurations for one or more SiteScope servers centrally from the OM console. SAM Admin facilitates the transfer of configuration information from one SiteScope instance to another.


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Operations Manager for UNIX

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Operations Manager for UNIX
Comments: Node discovery integration supported with patch 9.10.200 or later
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