Integration [626] - Integrate Hardware-Level Monitoring with System and Application Monitoring (OMU - SIM)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Integrate Hardware-Level Monitoring with System and Application Monitoring (OMU - SIM) - Catalog Id: 626


This integration provides visibility into the hardware-level monitoring of HP Systems Insight Manager from HP Operations Manager and enables event synchronization between monitoring tools.

HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) is a management solution for network systems, databases, and applications in heterogeneous IT environments. HPSIM Integration (HPSIMInt) provides a smart link between SIM and HP Operations Manager for UNIX or Linux (HPOM). This integration provides HPOM policies and tools for monitoring and managing SIM and Insight Management Agents (IM Agents) and enables event forwarding and event acknowledgement between SIM and HPOM.

HPSIMInt supports the following features:

  • ProLiant server system monitoring: Provides policies for IM Agent SNMP traps. These policies generate HPOM event messages for server hardware problems.
  • Event forwarding from SIM: Provides tools to configure forwarding of SIM events to HPOM message browser. The integration also associates an HPOM operator action with each SIM event to launch the SIM web interface for further investigation.
  • Tool groups: Provides tools to assist in the management of SIM and IM Agent nodes. Tool groups include tools for adding nodes to SIM, executing tools on SIM managed nodes, and launching the SIM web interface and IM Agents System Management page.
  • Policy groups: Provides policies for IM Agents SNMP trap interpretation.
  • Contextual launch to SIM system page: Enables users to launch the SIM System page from HPOM messages.
  • Web Interface tools: Provides tools to launch the web interface for SIM and the IM Agent.

Integration technology:

  • HP Operations Agent



Leading Product:
Operations Manager for UNIX

Secondary Product:
HPE System Insight Manager (HP SIM)


Support Matrix

HPE System Insight Manager (HP SIM)
Operations Manager for UNIX
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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