Integration [625] - HPE SPI for SE (SE -> OMU )

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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HPE SPI for SE (SE -> OMU ) - Catalog Id: 625


The HP Smart Plug-in (SPI) for HP Storage Essentials (SE) helps SAN administrators monitor the health and availability of HP Storage Essentials Central Management Server (CMS) nodes, their corresponding agent nodes, and related SAN infrastructure. It also helps IT administrators understand the impact of storage events on key business services and quickly determine the root causes of storage incidents.
HP Operations Manager (HPOM) uses the SPI to model node maps of HP Storage Essentials as an application and of the SAN topology. When HP Operations Manager receives Storage Essentials alerts from the SPI, icons for the impacted Storage Essentials CMS agent nodes and SAN elements light up in the HPOM console. The SPI can also be used to help construct and customize service maps within HPOM to show the impact of storage events on related business services.

The HP Operations Smart Plug-in for HP SE SRM (HP Storage Essentials SRM SPI) integrates HP SE SRM with HPOM. The  HPOM management scope for the HP Storage Essentials SRM SPI includes storage infrastructure managed by HP SE SRM installed in an environment that consists of the HPOM.

The HP Storage Essentials SRM SPI is used to monitor the HP SE SRM services and infrastructure. The HP Storage Essentials SRM SPI forwards events from HP SE SRM CMS to HPOM.
The HP Storage Essentials SRM SPI allows the storage network to be monitored and managed from the HPOM management server console. The HP Storage Essentials SRM SPI enables HPOM administrators to troubleshoot problems in the storage network before they become serious enough to affect tools and, ultimately, the end users. Storage events are stored in the HPOM database.

The HPOM intelligent agents are configured on the HP Storage Essentials SRM CMS, and managed servers that are managed nodes in the HPOM management domain. The CMS runs the HP Storage Essentials SRM AppStorManager service and initiates all management operations within the management domain.



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Storage Essentials

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Operations Manager for UNIX


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Operations Manager for UNIX
Storage Essentials
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