Integration [611] - Asset Manager to Hitachi Identity Manager - apps user accounts

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Asset Manager to Hitachi Identity Manager - apps user accounts - Catalog Id: 611


One feature of the Micro Focus Asset Manager Software Asset Management module is to reconcile the utilization of applications with the acquired licenses; that is, software compliance reporting.

An increasingly important question in software compliance management is "who has access to which application?," not just "what software has been deployed to the endpoint?" While the use of automated inventory tools (like HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI)) information addresses a wide variety of licensing (per installation, workstation, CPU, IBM PVU, Oracle core factors, and so on), it does not support compliance reporting for "per user" licensed applications, particularly when the applications are accessed using web clients or terminal emulators--where there is no real software installation footprint on user PCs.

Hitachi ID Identity Manager (HiIM) includes connectors for a wide variety of systems and applications. In a typical HiIM deployment, an auto-discovery process runs nightly and extracts a list of login IDs, identity attributes, security groups, and group memberships from each integrated application.

There are two segments in this integration:


Leading Product:
Asset Manager

Secondary Product:
Hitachi Identity Manager


Support Matrix

Hitachi Identity Manager
Asset Manager
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