Integration [597] - Service Virtualization in Micro Focus Performance Center (PC - SV)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Service Virtualization in Micro Focus Performance Center (PC - SV) - Catalog Id: 597


To facilitate load testing business processes that rely on back-end services that are unavailable, Performance Center (PC) integrates with HP Service Virtualization (SV).  HP Service Virtualization emulates service behavior, based on pre-defined service definitions (recorded or manually created).

This integration enables Performance Center users to define the virtualized services that will be emulated during test execution so that the tested business process is functioning as required.

For example, your business process might include a service that is in development or incurs a cost, such as processing a credit card through a third-party vendor. By using a virtual service, you can load test and replace actual services with simulated services that mirror both the data model and the performance model.


To use virtualized services, they must first be created in HP Service Virtualization. Once created, Performance Center provides an interface to define which services should run after the load test is performed.

Performance Center also provides online graphs to visualize emulated services during the load test run. These graphs and metrics are also visible in Analysis.


Leading Product:
Performance Center

Secondary Product:
Service Virtualization



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