Integration [588] - Using SiteScope in Performance Center Topology (PC - SiS)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Using SiteScope in Performance Center Topology (PC - SiS) - Catalog Id: 588


Using Performance Center Topology you can create a visual description of the components in the application under test (AUT).

Once created, SiteScope monitors can be applied to each of the visualized Topology nodes.

Monitor can be manually created, or applied based on best practice templates available within Performance Center.

Monitors can be viewed with respect to the defined Topology during run execution.

The Topology module includes a network node designer that can be used to create a visual map of the machines comprising the application under test (AUT). You may define the SiteScope server used to monitor this AUT.
Once defined, either apply the pre-defined monitor templates to the Topology or define them manually via the SiteScope server.
During test execution, the monitor values and thresholds can be seen superimposed on the defined Topology.


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