Integration [58] - View Incident Details from APM Dashboard (APM - SM)

  • KM01695198
  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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View Incident Details from APM Dashboard (APM - SM) - Catalog Id: 58


This integration enables a Application Performance Management (APM) user to select a configuration item (CI) in APM Service Health and launch Service Manager (SM) in order to view the details of incidents that are open for that CI. The APM user can then prioritize issues based on the incidents and their details.


This integration adds a menu command "HP Service Manager" (or "HP ServiceCenter") to the context menu of EMS Monitor CIs that are children of Business Services CIs. This context menu command can be accessed by right-clicking on a CI in the "Service Measurements" view in APM Service Health or via the additional ServiceCenter view that allows user to drill down to SM from the context menu of EMS Monitor CIs. Selecting this command will launch SM (or SC) where the details on the open incidents for the selected service CI can be viewed.
In BSM 9.x you can access this context menu command by clicking the gray arrow to the right of the CI and then expanding the Show menu:

This integration works in conjunction with the integration "Import Business Service and Incident Information to BSM (BSM-SM via SiS)".



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Service Manager



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