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  • 11-Jun-2018
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UCMDB - Troux - Catalog Id: 545


Troux is a leader in the Enterprise Architecture (EA) tools space. EA tools allow business users to understand the gaps between business demands and initiatives--reviewing how your fixed budget aligns to business capabilities and how your discretionary spending is allocated across initiatives. 


Future-state scenario investigation can be accomplished prior to locking down your roadmap. Although many use cases can be achieved using EA tools, two specific use cases were chosen for the UCMDB-Troux integration. This does not preclude additional use cases in the future. Depending on the use case, a provider of record is determined. For example, UCMDB would be the provider of record for inventory information such as the server operating system, server hardware, database, and other infrastructure CIs. Troux, on the other hand, provides component lifecycles for server operating system, server hardware, and database versions.



Leading Product:
Universal CMDB

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Universal CMDB
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