Integration [539] - Micro Focus ALM with Micro Focus CDA - Provision and Deploy (ALM - CDA)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Micro Focus ALM with Micro Focus CDA - Provision and Deploy (ALM - CDA) - Catalog Id: 539


HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM) uses HP Continuous Delivery Automation (HP CDA) for provisioning a lab on demand for executing tests. PC users can list the topologies that are modeled in HP CDA and select and provision the appropriate topologies. This provisioning is supported on a hybrid infrastructure and the provisioning is completely seamless--whether the provisioning is done on local infrastructure or in a public cloud environment (Amazon EC2 or HP Cloud).

HP CDA enhances and streamlines HP ALM functionality by automating infrastructure provisioning and application deployment. Customers of HP ALM can provision infrastructure on demand during test set execution.

In the example test case, an HP ALM user can:

  1. Create a test.
  2. Create a testset.
  3. Create a process.
    • Select or define an AUT topology for provisioning and deployment.
    • Configure the parameters for that topology.
  4. Run the process.

For selecting and configuring the AUT topology, HP ALM uses model-driven inputs for HP CDA to drive the provisioning of infrastructure and the deployment of applications. 


Leading Product:
Application Lifecycle Management

Secondary Product:
Continuous Delivery Automation


Support Matrix

Continuous Delivery Automation
Application Lifecycle Management
Comments: CDA end-of-support by Sept 2016 so no more support from ALM 12.53
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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