Integration [538] - Micro Focus CDA with Micro Focus OO - Launch OO Flows (CDA - OO)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Micro Focus CDA with Micro Focus OO - Launch OO Flows (CDA - OO) - Catalog Id: 538


HP Continuous Delivery Automation (HP CDA) provides functionality to optionally launch HP Operations Orchestration (HP OO) flows during operations such as provisioning, deployment, and so on. The HP OO content supplements HP CDA content to provide an end-to-end automation solution for functionality not provided in HP CDA, such as configuring network switches, DNS, and VPN.

HP CDA drives the automation of provisioning of infrastructure and the deployment of applications. In configuring these processes, you are allowed to define an HP CDA external component plugin (such as HP OO) and configure the provider with the required credentials and IP address/URL. After the provider is configured, as an HP CDA user, you can select a component during deployment definition. The interfaces between HP CDA and HP OO allow you to browse flows, select a flow, and then configuring the parameters necessary to invoke a flow.


Leading Product:
Continuous Delivery Automation

Secondary Product:
Operations Orchestration Platform


Support Matrix

Operations Orchestration Platform
Continuous Delivery Automation
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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