Integration [527] - Service Health Analyzer integration with Diagnostics (SHA - Diagnostics)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Service Health Analyzer integration with Diagnostics (SHA - Diagnostics) - Catalog Id: 527


Service Health Analyzer (SHA) uses performance metrics sent by Diagnostics through the HP Business Service Management (BSM) foundation to identify anomalies in data. SHA analyzes these metrics, calculates dynamic baselines to detect anomalies, and alerts you about imminent IT incidents before they occur.


You can enable an integration between Diagnostics and BSM's Service Health Analyzer. With this integration, samples containing host metrics and probe metrics are sent from the Diagnostics Mediator Servers and relayed through the Diagnostics Commander Server to BSM where the metrics are put into the BSM SHA database.

The SHA application uses these Diagnostics probe and host metrics, as well as metrics from other samples, to create baselines. The SHA application compares metrics to the baseline and reports anomalies as performance issues are detected. For an anomaly, you can drill down to Diagnostics Probes view or Hosts view for detailed Diagnostic data (see BSM's Service Health Analyzer documentation for details on using SHA).

Note: SHA analyzes only Diagnostics Host and Probe metrics. It does not support server request metrics or metrics for other Diagnostics entities.

The integration of Diagnostics with SHA is not enabled by default.

To enable the integration:

  1. On each Diagnostics Mediator, locate the /etc/ file and make the following changes.

    # Send host metrics for Service Health Analyzer (SHA)
    # Send probe metrics for Service Health Analyzer (SHA)
  2. Restart each Diagnostics Mediator.
  3. Once the integration is enabled and the host metrics and probe metrics from Diagnostics are available in Business Service Management's SHA database, select these CIs in the SHA Admin application for use in anomaly detection.

You can also define filters in Diagnostics to determine which host and probe metrics are sent to SHA's database. Use the following XML files in the Diagnostics server's /etc directory to filter these metrics. Filters are based on regular expression matching similar to data exporting.

  • shaHostMetrics.xml. Include/exclude filters for host metrics
  • shaProbeMetrics.xml. Include/exclude filters for probe metrics



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