Integration [496] - SiteScope Remote Configuration by Monitoring Automation

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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SiteScope Remote Configuration by Monitoring Automation - Catalog Id: 496


Monitoring Automation provides unified administration for the Operations Agent and SiteScope. Configure the SiteScope servers to be controlled centrally from a shared administration user interface.
Participating products: SiteScope and Operations Manager i (OMi).

Monitoring Automation (MA), as a part of  Operations Manager i (OMi), is designed to centrally configure monitoring applications, including:

  • Operations Agent (already used by Operations Manager)
  • SiteScope

MA enables the configuration of agentless and agent-based monitoring from a single interface and automates monitoring configuration based on topology events.

MA provides enterprise configuration capabilities for SiteScope and the ability to configure multiple SiteScopes transparently from a single user interface.

OMi and SiteScope users are potential customers as are existing OM users who want to add agentless monitoring capabilities.

Usage Example: If an application administrator initiates monitoring using a monitoring package that contains agentless configuration, Monitoring Automation sends the required data to an Operations Agent which is installed on the SiteScope host system as part of the SiteScope installation. This agent contains a component ("subagent") that takes the data and passes it to the SiteScope APIs. SiteScope then immediately adapts the monitoring--for example, start it, stop it or modify it. Typically, an application administrator or subject matter expert is normally responsible for configuring the monitoring.



Leading Product:
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)

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Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
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