Integration [482] - CSA Direct Integration to Operations Orchestration

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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CSA Direct Integration to Operations Orchestration - Catalog Id: 482


The Micro Focus Cloud Service Automation (CSA) product is tightly integrated with Micor Focus Operations Orchestration (OO) to create business automations for all aspects of the enterprise and IT cloud environments.  Through this integration with OO, CSA provides out-of- the-box integrations to many Micro Focus and third-party products, such as Micro Focus Server Automation, Micro Focus Service Manager, VMWare, Chef, and Openstack. 

More service provider integrations are continually being added to the Micro Focus ITOM Marketplace for customer download.  These content packs provide basic service designs, service design components, templates, and process definitions to OO workflows to assist customers with creating complex service designs.  These service designs and OO workflows create consistent execution of common business operations published to users as service offerings.


Introduced with CSA 4.20 the integration to OO has been structured for simplification. CSA now provides as part of the default installation an embedded OO platform installed on the same server as CSA.  Although most production environments use separate servers and clusters of servers for CSA and OO, this smaller embedded installation creates a quicker and simpler installation process for teams wanting to test the CSA product or develop content for production.  The CSA-embedded OO installation is only supported with the OO 10.20 release or higher.

Backward compatibility to OO 9.x content has been maintained in CSA to ensure the preservation of customer investment in content created with earlier versions of CSA and OO. Although service designs vary widely, OO flow differences between OO 9.x and OO 10.x vary enough that service designers need to carefully evaluated their service designs when updating to the newer CSA 4.x and OO 10.x service designs. To support easier migration of content, CSA supports multiple external OO integrations to different versions of OO. 

Included in the CSA-to-OO integration is support for Single Sign-On (SSO), which provides seamless movement between CSA, OO and other SSO enabled products. This tighter integration with OO makes the process of troubleshooting and operational management much easier for designers and operations engineers as they watch subscriptions and operations execute during the CSA service design lifecycle.



Leading Product:
Cloud Service Automation

Secondary Product:
Operations Orchestration Platform



See the CSA 4.x Documentation Library for the latest versions of all CSA documentation in the 4.x branch. (HPE Passport is required.)

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Support Matrix

Operations Orchestration Platform
Cloud Service Automation
Comments: Requires OO to be patched to include OO hot fixes specified in CSA Support Matrix
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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