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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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BPM with Diagnostics - Catalog Id: 462


Business Process Monitor (BPM) and Diagnostics monitor J2EE and .NET application servers.

BPM uses request headers to add a transaction identifier to the request sent to the monitored application. BSM forwards to Diagnostics an End Logical Transaction (ELT) event with a transaction identifier. Diagnostics detects BPM transactions that flow through a J2EE and .NET application servers and automatically measures the back-end latency of the transaction.

In addition, all Server Requests (URLs and methods) for a particular transaction are captured as well. This back-end view of a transaction is visualized in the Diagnostics UI and can be accessed via a drilldown from the EUM report.  In addition to the drilldown, Diagnostics provides Health Indicators for BPM transactions that indicate issues with latency, volume, or exceptions.


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Business Process Monitor



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