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Diagnostics to APM - Catalog Id: 460


Diagnostics can be integrated with Application Performance Management to provide information to help you understand and improve the performance of your J2EE and .NET applications.

Diagnostics populates the following CIs (see Diagnostic User's Guide for more information):

  • J2EE and .NET infrastructure CIs
  • web services
  • Oracle and SQL Server
  • business transactions

In addition, Diagnostics sends web service operation and back-end synthetic user transaction samples to APM. Health Indicators for various CIs are also sent to APM.



From within Application Performance Management , you can actively track the performance status of the applications being monitored by Diagnostics. The Diagnostics integration with Application Performance Management allows you to:

  • Access the Diagnostics UI from within Application Performance Management .
  • Drill down to Diagnostics views from specific Application Performance Management configuration items such as infrastructure elements and transactions (synthetic and any other).
  • Generate high level reports in Application Performance Management about the performance of business transactions that are monitored by Diagnostics and view business transaction data from Diagnostics in the Transaction Management application, including topologies.
  • See Diagnostics information for monitored web services and operations in Application Management for SOA reports.
  • View the application infrastructure information from Diagnostics in the context of a business application or business transaction.
  • See status of specific Application Server Configuration Items that Diagnostics monitors.
  • Configure business transactions for monitoring based on top level server requests in the Transaction Management administration application.



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Documentation for this integration can be found using the following links:

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