Integration [459] - Export CIs and Relationships from UCMDB into BMC Remedy (UCMDB - Remedy)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Export CIs and Relationships from UCMDB into BMC Remedy (UCMDB - Remedy) - Catalog Id: 459


This integration provides the population of CIs (including Relationships) and attributes from DDM to Atrium or ARS for consumption by Remedy and Atrium users.
Micro Focus Universal CMDB integrates with two BMC products:
  • BMC Remedy Service Desk (Remedy)
  • BMC Atrium CMDB (Atrium) (see Integration #468)

The integration adapter exports CIs and relationships from UCMDB to Remedy and Atrium.
The out-of-the-box integration does not transfer a specific list of CIs and relationships, but does enable you to replicate any CI or relationship from UCMDB to Remedy or Atrium.

The integration mechanism includes the following activities:
  • Querying the UCMDB for CIs and relationships. When an ad-hoc integration job is run in the Integration Studio, the integration process:
    1. Receives the names of the integration queries that are defined in the job definition for that integration point
    2. Queries UCMDB for the results (new, updated, or deleted CIs and relationships) of these defined queries
    3. Applies the mapping transformation according to the pre-defined XML mapping files for every query
    4. Pushes the data to the Data Flow Probe
  • Sending the data to BMC Remedy/Atrium. On the Data Flow Probe, the integration process:
    1. Receives the CI and relationship data sent from the UCMDB Server
    2. Connects to the BMC Remedy/Atrium server using the Java API
    3. Transfers the CIs and relationships



Leading Product:
Universal CMDB

Secondary Product:
BMC Remedy



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BMC Remedy
Universal CMDB
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