Integration [458] - BSA Essentials to Network Automation (BSAE - NA)

  • KM01695092
  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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BSA Essentials to Network Automation (BSAE - NA) - Catalog Id: 458


The integration between BSA Essentials (BSAE) and Network Automation (NA) enables BSAE to report network device configuration management data from NA.
The integration enables the following reports:
  • Network configuration data from a historical perspective
  • Administrator's reporting of network data warehousing
  • Data from other products that can be combined to allow cross-tier data reporting
    For example, data from NA and Server Automation (SA) can be integrated in BSAE reports

With this integration, customers can see historical data as reports in BSAE.  Customers can create custom reports in BSAE using business objects.  The reports can include data from NA, SA, and other products.


Leading Product:
BSA Essentials

Secondary Product:
Network Automation


Support Matrix

Network Automation
BSA Essentials
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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