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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Storage provisioning - Catalog Id: 451


This integration between HP Cloud Service Automation for Matrix (CSA4M) and HP Matrix Operating Environment (MOE) Insight Dynamics allows CSA4M to manage storage provisioning on HP-EVA and XP operating systems using HP Storage Provisioning Manger (SPM).  SPM is automatically installed as part of HP MOE Insight Dynamics.

CSA4M manages the storage provisioning of HP Insight Dynamics using SPM.  SPM provides a secure service-centric management interface to storage, enabling storage requests to be fulfilled with available storage services from the SPM catalog, and securely automating storage management tasks by interfacing directly with storage arrays. SPM is always working, even when the user interface is not running. There are two main use models:
  • In the pre-populated model, a storage architect or administrator first populates the SPM catalog with storage services to be exposed to server management software, then sets up access rights for those services. HP Insight Dynamics then enables a server administrator to request storage, which is sent to SPM as a storage services request (a set of goals). SPM then returns a list of candidate storage services to HP Insight Dynamics. The server administrator selects one or more appropriate volume services to fulfill the set of goals.
  • In the request-based model, a server administrator uses HP Insight Dynamics to request storage before it is imported or created within SPM. The storage architect or administrator then adds arrays and volume services to fulfill the goals in that service request."

This integration replaces the storage provisioning functionality that was provided using HP Storage Essentials and HP Operations Orchestrations in previous releases of CSA4M prior to CSA4M 12.02.


Leading Product:
Cloud Service Automation for Matrix

Secondary Product:
Infrastructure Orchestration



Please refer to the HP Matrix Operating Environment (MOE) storage provisioning documentation at:

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