Integration [430] - Server Automation and Network Automation (SA - NA)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Server Automation and Network Automation (SA - NA) - Catalog Id: 430


This integration enables you to see how servers are connected to network devices. With this information, you can determine the relationship between the devices in order to coordinate and implement the required changes.

This integration enables HPE Server Automation (SA) to use HPE Network Automation (NA) data to see the network devices that the servers are connected to, to group them, and to represent the network links from servers to network components.

From NA, the integration enables NA to show which MAC addresses for which servers are plugged into which switch ports.


After the SA-NA integration is configured, you can perform the following tasks:
  • View summarized and detailed hardware information about SA Managed Servers and their attached network devices, and about their network connections (interfaces and ports)
  • Use the SA Global File System (OGFS) to:
    • navigate between managed servers and connected network devices by tracing their associated physical connections
    • find network device configurations
    • run scripts across servers and network devices
  • Call NA scripts from SA scripts to automate operations across servers and network devices
  • Use features in SA and NA to create diagrams that illustrate the managed servers, network devices, and layer 2 (and inferred layer 1) connections in your environment
  • Use SA to identify, troubleshoot, and remediate configuration duplex mismatches between managed servers and network devices
  • Use SA to perform actions on SA device groups that can contain both servers and network devices
  • Use SA to review a combined server and network device event history log that records changes made to applications in your environment
  • Use SA to export combined event history logs to CSV and/or HTML files
  • Use NA to directly access additional network device details and event history
  • Use SA to run network reports that identify layer 2 and inferred layer 1 connections and configuration mismatches (duplex compliance)



Leading Product:
Server Automation

Secondary Product:
Network Automation



Documentation for this integration can be found in the SA Integration Guide.

To access the latest documentation for your version of SA, use one of the following SA Documentation Libraries:


Support Matrix

Network Automation
Server Automation
SupportedSupported (see comments)Not Supported

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