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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Review Business Service Details (BSM - Systinet) - Catalog Id: 42


HP Business Service Management (BSM) supports integration with the HP SOA Systinet platform, enabling you to better manage and monitor your business services, and to understand the business impact of Web services. The integration also enables you to streamline the contracts information defined in HP SOA Systinet with your SLAs in BSM. This integration allows you to launch Systinet from BSM in the context of a selected service to unify management.

The integration with HP SOA Systinet provides the following capabilities:

  • HP SOA Systinet service model is available in BSM. You can run the Application - Web Services discovery pattern to discover the content of your HP SOA Systinet Registry, so that the HP SOA Systinet service model is available in BSM.
  • You can use the drill down links available in Service Health, Service Level Management and BSM for SOA, to open HP SOA Systinet directly at the page for the selected Web service. HP SOA Systinet provides information on the Web service, such as the contracts on the service, policies and their compliancy, usage plans, and other general information. This information can be useful for problem isolation and for understanding their impact on the business. In Service Health, you can link to HP SOA Systinet to open the page for the selected Web service. When defining an SLA in Service Level Management, you can use the link to HP SOA Systinet to view the contract information in HP SOA Systinet and then configure the SLA accordingly in BSM.
  • In HP SOA Systinet, you can view service performance status (availability, performance, and so on) derived from BSM. You can also link to the health report in BSM for the selected service.

This information can help consumers understand and evaluate service status. For information on HP SOA Systinet, including service contracts and how to view service performance status derived from BSM, see the HP SOA Systinet documentation.



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